KCL NeuroSoc Membership

Are you about to purchase your KCL Neuroscience Society membership? Well, first of all, congrats! You made the right choice KCL Neuroscience Society is a big, happy family of students of different age, background and academic interests, united by a common passion: the brain - the most complex organ in the human body! If you are wondering why we have 2 types of membership – basic and upgraded - and what are the differences between the two, please read ahead: · KCL NeuroSoc 2020/21 – Upgraded membership Cost: £3 If you are a Neuroscience student, or if you are really passionate about Neuroscience, the upgraded membership is the right one for you. This membership will give you: 1) Priority access to our events throughout the whole year; 2) Access to the mentorship scheme – a scheme designed to help undergraduate students in the often-complicated quest for research experience, Master’s and PhD positions; 3) The possibility to submit articles/essays to be published on the brand-new KCL NeuroSoc website; 4) Free access to event recordings; 5) Discounted event tickets! · KCL NeuroSoc 2020/21 – Basic membership Cost: free! If you are interested in – but not obsessed with – Neuroscience, or if you are here just to have fun and meet new (brainy) people, then you should probably go with the basic membership. This membership offers you: 1) Our monthly newsletter (delivered via email); 2) Priority access over non-members to our events; 3) Access to our social media forum; 4) Restricted access to the KCL NeuroSoc website; 5) Restricted BTS access. Hopefully this information will help you decide between the two types of membership we offer this year, but - if you still have doubts - feel free to get in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram or via email. Whichever option you pick – basic or upgraded - we are very happy to welcome you to KCL Neuroscience Society!

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