Third Year Lab Review- Magnus Jhaveri

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Hey! My name's Magnus and I just finished my third year containing the lab research project. My project was initially called ‘Mechanisms of Disease in ALS/FTD’ and centred around nucleocytoplasmic transport deficits specifically in the comorbid neurodegenerative diseases C9orf72-related ALS and FTD, which sounds very cool and science-y. My experience with the research project was perhaps a little unorthodox as each supervisor may do things differently – I worked on the project on average around 5 days a week, though this was always tailored to my own schedule (I didn’t have any other modules that term, so I had few excuses). At first, the sheer amount of background information along with scientific techniques I was not fully familiar with seemed quite overwhelming, but once that initial difficulty was surpassed, it was smooth sailing. I greatly enjoyed being able to work at my own pace, ask any questions I had and explore the field of neurodegeneration. Discussing different research topics with friends in similar fields meant I could broaden my understanding of just what I was doing, and how it compared to other possible answers to the same question. The COVID-19 pandemic had us shut down close to the crux of our research, which was quite disappointing, but the work done was still mostly salvageable. If there was anything I didn’t like during the project, it was probably food-related. I recommend you bring your own packed lunches to eat in any of the cafeterias. Overall, it was a great learning experience, providing insight to the world of research and a neat little ego-boost to boot. 10/10 would research again.

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