Third Year Lab Review- Hai Le

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Name of the project: Spatial specific action of insulin- like peptides on Caenorhabditis elegans larval development.

Supervisor: Dr. QueeLim Ch’ng at the Centre for Developmental Neurobiology 4th Floor NHH.

How much time (months) worked on the project and how many days per week: Although I worked on the project for 3 months, and I was almost in every day, it was not strictly 9 to 5. I worked out a schedule with my supervisor, so as long as I had done my experiments, I could spend the rest of the day doing whatever I wanted. Sometimes I would come for 1-2 hours in Saturday, but it was very rare.

Positive aspects: My supervisor was very assistive, and even read through my dissertation a few time. I was applying for PhD at the same time, and he was happy to write me a recommendation as well.

Things I did not like: The project required a lot of independency and your experiments might not always turn out the way you want. It could be quite disheartening if you had spent a lot of time working on it.

Bit of advice for people searching for their 3rd year project: If you like someone and you would like them to be your final year project supervisor, you should ask them (and Isabella) directly in the first semester if they could give you a project for your final year (especially if they are not in the Neuroscience Education Department). I had worked with my supervisor previously for my summer internship, and I knew the project very well, so I wrote him and Isabella asking if they could make a project just for me. Most of time people would be happy to help you out if you show some initiative and desire.

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