Child Brain Injury Trust

Each year, 1.4 million people attend emergency departments in England and Wales with a recent head injury; between 33% to 50% of these are children aged under 15 years .

The Child Brain Injury Trust helps to provide support for children who have acquired a brain injury by bridging the gap between health care professionals and families


They work by:

  •  Providing virtual and face to face brain injury support by working with companies who have proven their support for children with brain injuries 

  • Increasing accessibility to health care professionals specialising in brain injury rehabilitation all across the UK 

  • Establishing a network of legal partners who can assist in obtaining welfare benefits or compensation 

Fundraisers & Events


A fundraiser event hosted at the Tropicana Beach Club in the buzzing ambiance of Covent Garden.

In 2018, this event raised almost a whopping £24,000.

How incredible!

Gloweek 2019

Gloweek was a week packed with vibrant colours, tutu's, and of course... CAKE!

This week comes with an important campaign, "Be Seen Not Hurt."

This involves educating primary school children about road safety in order to minimise incidences of acute brain injury.

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Why not join one the fundraising events, or even better create your own!

Check out their website for more information

Show your support!

CBIT has done an incredible job supporting these children, helping over 7,00 families and training 3,00 professionals. However, their mission does not end there! CBIT wish to further raise awareness on the impact of child brain injury on families and to further widen their audience,

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