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How have the processes of classical and operant conditioning been applied, or how could they be applied, in the treatment of addiction?

Written by: Rita Bertani

Microglia-Mediated Synaptic Loss in Development and Neurodegeneration

Written by: Daniel Shao

What has been the biggest development in the clinical neurosciences over the last 10 years?

Written by: Nye Rhys Potter

Article submission guidelines

Before you submit, please download and read of the writer's package written by our editors:


Your articles or essays could be one of the following: 

- A paper that you have written but have not published in a journal 

- An essay you have written for a university or extracurricular project

- A summary of a clinical case or a research paper

- An essay about a procedure, technology or advancement within neuroscience

We will consider all submissions on a case by case basis. Even though we are flexible about what to accept, please look at our basic guidelines below:


- You must be a member to make a submission

- Your writing must be in plain English, written at a level that is understandable by an undergraduate bioscience/medical student. 

- You should try to remain as objective as possible 

- You should use a clear and consistent referencing format 


Please allow up to four weeks for us to read and edit your submissions.

If you are interested in making a submission, please read through our writer's package provided above (click on the word document).

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